Secrets to Getting Pregnant

You Can Overcome Infertility.
By Dr Irina Webster MD

Hi, Dr Irina Webster here.

If you are looking for new methods to overcome infertility and become pregnant, then this will be a very important message for you.

You see, I believe that the best way to treat infertility and become pregnant faster is the right combination of conventional and alternative medical approaches.

This right combination gives you the balance between science of conventional treatments and faith of alternative medicine. Both are equally important and you can never tell which one outweighs the other.

The only one thing remains constant and 100% true is pregnancy occurs in a balanced healthy body, with balanced hormone level, balanced emotional status and balanced energy.  Take at least one component away and conception becomes impossible.

Of course two people are involved in conception so the balance should also include your partner. A man’s support, involvement, encouragement and participation are all equally important. It is not all on the woman the man must contribute also.

I started my career as a doctor in a Women’s and Children's Hospital more than 15 years ago. It was there that I started my research on infertility and I have continued to do so throughout my working years.

I was always interested in how women can help themselves in order to get pregnant faster and easier. What factors contribute to pregnancy? How to balance medical problems and conditions in order to get pregnant despite them?

My book the “Secrets to Getting Pregnant”: you can overcome infertility, is rich in practical information and effective strategies on how to become pregnant if you are having difficulties conceiving.

All the strategies I discussed in the book are easy to understand and use at home. You will not need medical assistance to use them.

Who exactly will benefit from my book Secrets to Getting Pregnant”?

-       Women in their 30s and 40s who want to have children.

-       Women with “unexplained infertility”.

-       Women with history of miscarriage.

-       Women with PCOS and PCOD.

-       Women with Thyroid problems.

-       Women with period problems.

Are the strategies safe to use?

-       All the strategies discussed in this book are 100% safe and have no harmful side effects.

-       Each method will contribute to your reproductive health significantly.

How these strategies can be used?

-       They can be used on they own without any treatment from your doctor.

-       They can be used as a complementary treatment along side your doctor’s treatment.

-       They can be used together at the same time or one at a time.

 What’s in the book? Why should you read it?

Well, when you read the book you’ll discover:

·   9 methods to help you get pregnant faster without pain, side effects or discomfort.

·    Specific ways to fall pregnant in older women.

·    Specific ways to get pregnant in cases of “unexplained infertility”.

·    A way to a harmonious life as a woman, a wife, and as a mother using the energy of your own cycles. You’ll learn to use the cycle’s energy instead of letting this energy dominate you.

·     Natural ways to improve your health as a woman in order to get pregnant.

·     A unique way to balance your conscious and subconscious minds, preparing them for motherhood and for attracting a child into your life.

·      How to combine conventional and alternative methods of infertility treatment for best result possible – having a baby.

·      How to know and use your body signs in order to know the exact time to conceive.

What are the truly unique things described in the book?

 The acupuncture and acupressure methods that are described in this book are based on Su-Jok Therapy. Su - Jok therapy is one of the most advanced therapies available in the world today. You can use Su- Jok yourself, at home, without going to a clinic or seeing a professional.

  Specialized Ayurveda therapy for infertility and increasing your chance to get pregnant is a really useful thing to know. This alone can give you a chance to increase your fertility and fall pregnant.
 Synchronisation of the cycle is an important component also and it helps you a lot when you practice it.

 Balancing the way you are before conception occurs may sound simple but absolutely crucial for any person who wants to have children.

As a rule, until a couple find a true balance within themselves they continue to fail with their attempt to conceive.  Finding this balance will greatly increase you chances.

Have a look at the Table of content from the book to see what you will learn..



You can see this is a very concise list and it will help you enormously.

Over the years I have helped many women to become pregnant, read what some people have said, 

Here is a great success story.

Jason with Baby
A happy Jason with Baby

Dear Dr Irina.

I am a long time sufferer from PCOS. I was actually first diagnosed when I was 13 years old. I was told from a very young age that my ability to have kids was very limited and most likely I would never have one.

Actually, I accepted my infertility at first but when I got married to Jason I changed my mind (because of him) and started my search for an answer. I was 39 at that time.

It was Jason who got your book from the Internet and started reading it at first and told me what to do and I just followed.
So, we got the reward for all our effort.

My little darling Jenny is sleeping now in Jason's arms. He is walking around the room and rocking her - he does it all the time to make Jenny sleep after a feed.
I am really happy now, more happy than I ever been.

Sometimes I think what could have happened if Jason didn't buy your 1st book at that time and didn't encourage me to do the right things according to your book - I probably would still consider myself completely infertile and spend my life focusing on coping with consequences of PCOS instead of experiencing joy and happiness with my baby.
I believe if I could overcome infertility (with my "absolutely hopeless" case) - anyone can overcome infertility as well.

Thanks deeply.
With all our love.
Ann, Jason and Jenny. CA


Dear Dr Irina and your colleagues!

Thank you very much for helping us in our endeavors to have a baby naturally. The first and most important thing is that I am pregnant and the baby is due soon (very soon). I didn't want to write anything until the pregnancy ends but now I just want to hear your encouraging words before the delivery.

I have never done it before so feel apprehensive about the labor. I heard that it could be difficult after 40. Please, encourage me to be brave as you did before I fell pregnant.
I know that everything will be OK, I have just been waiting for this moment for so long that it even feels unreal.

You know, I didn't think initially you could help me, because so many doctors couldn't. I even bought your book only because I put your name on Google and it showed me so many sites about you. So, I thought you must be something different and then I bought your book.

I liked your methodology on how to fall pregnant and started to follow it. And now I have all the consequences inside my big belly.

Write me back soon, as I want to hear from you again before I have to rush to hospital.
Thank you so much.
Trish from small town in North Dakota, US

 Now I want to tell you the good news that many women who are considered to be infertile are not infertile at all. Most of them have a specific reason why they couldn’t become pregnant.

In many cases these reasons can be overcome and a healthy pregnancy achieved naturally (like what happened to the people I based my book on).

The reasons for not becoming pregnant could be many: from not having   enough intercourse at the correct time to having problems like endometriosis or PCOS.

But I can reassure you that any woman who still has eggs released by her ovaries is not infertile and can have a healthy baby. It doesn't matter how old she is or what she was told by her doctors, if she still ovulates then she can fall pregnant.

Here is another testimonials from people who succeeded:

Hi Doctor

I just could not wait to tell you this, at last it looks like we have succeeded with conception. I have been trying to have a baby for nearly 10 years. I failed 6 IVF's and I think it's all because of my PCOS .

The last IVF treatment was really different from the many treatments I had before. My pregnancy is 29 weeks now and I feel kicking and moving inside my belly all the time. I had an ultrasound test done yesterday and doctor said it is a girl and everything is going well.

I really love when my girl moves inside me - it means she is all right and healthy.
I talk to her and sing songs as you told me to do for better brain development of the baby.


Dear Dr Irina
Well! The methods you described in your book definitely helped me on my way to having a baby. I fell pregnant and my due date is soon. It has taken me 6 years to get here and I am so excited. My doctor says it is a good progressing pregnancy.

But I thought it would never happen because of one of my tube were blocked. I had a bad accident many years ago which damage my abdomen badly.

You taught me the method to become pregnant and keep the pregnancy and I did everything that you told me to do and now I am so happy I did.

I am really glad I had that consultation with you, you explained everything I needed to do and you give me hope just when I really needed it.

Your sincerely, with a lot of appreciation.

Veronica. E. TX.

You see old knowledge and old experiences are good but when you get new knowledge and new experiences and combine it with your old ones –you definitely will get a new result.  

In my new book I described new methods for becoming pregnant naturally. I teach you how you can increase your chances a hundred fold and all in the privacy of your own home: no invasive methods here.  

Very few of my colleagues (doctors or Gynecologists) recommend these methods to induce and increase fertility in women. But I have introduced these to many women who seem to have tried everything and failed to conceive before. After implementing these methods 78% of infertile women conceive and have a baby.

Here are some warm letters people sent to us :

Hi Irina
I just want to thank you for all your help in the past. As you know I had three miscarriages in the past.
If it was not for your understanding and knowledge and the methodology you told us about we would not have Anna.
Now I have realized what I did wrong trying to conceive before. I will not make these mistakes again when I decide to have my second child.
Anna is 6 years old now and a very happy child. I would recommend to anyone to read your books because I know that people will have great success with the information you give them: after all we did!

Thanks Again
Elena and Alexy. RU.



Baby Sharon

Dear Dr Irina.
Fantastic! I was skeptical when I bought your book. I had tried many so called methods to have a baby in the past and nothing worked so I wasn't expecting any   any miracles.
However, within just a few months I fell pregnant and my baby is
3 months old now.

I thought that with the problems my husband had we would never have a baby but I don't think like this anymore.
On the contrarily I am planning for a second child now and really believe we will have one. I believe that if a miracle happens once they can happen twice.

It is like the law of attraction - miracles attract other miracles.

Thanks Again
Elizabeth Gordon, UK


I really encourage you to try these methods I described in my new book because I really believe they can help you and really show you something important you didn't know before.

My latest book Secrets to Getting Pregnant: you can overcome infertility, will show you how to fall pregnant using the power of natural methods that most medical professional greatly underestimate or simply don't know about.

These methods achieve a 78% success rate in overcoming infertility according to my own research.

Dear Dr Irina,
Thank you so much for your help and support at the time we really needed it.
When Alice miscarried after 7 years of trying to fall pregnant, all the family felt devastated. Then she had a few more miscarriages, so we thought we will never have a child together.

Although Alice had a son from previous relationship and we get on very well together, I was struggling to accept that I may never have my own child. Alice didn't like the situation either.

Luckily, we found you and your books which gave us new hope straight after reading them. We followed your instructions precisely for a few months and to our happiness Alice fell pregnant again and this pregnancy was just perfect. She gave birth to our son Michael on 14 of October 2007.

I am an incredibly happy dad. I feel so emotional that I want laugh and cry at the same time. I have never felt like this before in my whole life. I feel blessed and grateful.
I feel like sharing my gratitude with everyone but especially with you Dr Irina, as you gave us the hint on how to conceive and avoid a miscarriage again. This simple strategy worked well for us.

So, thank you very much and God bless for the rest of your life.
Dale Yardney, NY, US

Can you afford not to try? Because you never know what could happen.

         What do you get. eBook

1). You will get insight into studies and methods that takes you by the hand through every aspect of infertility.

2). I give you the answers to your deep heart felt questions that only a medical doctor with a holistic approach to medicine can give you and more.
3) I have spent many years of study, reading medical books, studied the latest discoveries, read countless medical journals both traditional and non-traditional and spent nine years in research regarding infertility and methodology to help you fall pregnant and you get all that experience.

4)I have discovered the secrets that made all the difference for many people and you can easily be one of the success stories too.

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So don't delay any longer and miss your chance of getting pregnant, after all the Biological Clock is really ticking away.

But, I personally can't see any reasons why you should not like the natural methodologies to becoming pregnant I describe in my books. It is much better to try different strategies in order to fall pregnant than worry sick about those harsh words "The biological clock is ticking".

It is up to you if you believe you have a chance to fall pregnant or you still want to try.

You also get a money back guarantee.
Why you may ask am I giving such a great guarantee? Well! I want everyone to benefit from my research. Sure I am a doctor but I am also a wife and a mother, I know the joy of having a baby and I want you to have the same opportunity.

Only minutes from now you can be reading my amazing e-book and putting into practice what you have learned. I have seen many happy people who were without hope who are now parents and this can be you too.

 Here's how the guarantee works. If you read my books and have tried the methods and you're not convinced it will help you, I want you to let me know and I'll give you your money back. I can't be any more fair than that. That way there's no risk to you whatsoever.

PS: So, don't hesitate you risk nothing with my 45 days money back guarantee. Why not find out today how you can overcome infertility and finally fall pregnant.


Dr Irina Webster MD

Thank you for reading my information
and I know you will get excellent results from my book.
Dr Irina Webster. 

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   happy Babies

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